domingo, julho 30, 2006


My name is Luigi and that's it. For the moment I won't talk about myself.
These primary words are to introduce this character that you find a bit similar to Snow White. But she is nothing a-like. So you ask me: Is she real? Well, you have to find by yourselfs.
All I can say is that she touched my soul in such a deeply way yet we don't see each other vey often. But she is always on my heart.
Human language cannot define the greatness of her soul. She looks upon life with such joy and determination. She have this incredible strength that even if she's pulled to the shadow and being complety lost she would find a way with light of her will.
Maybe she isn't that perfect, only a human with those virtues and imperfections that we have. However, I find her between angels and demons. She isn't a reencarnation of a godess neither a devil. Yet she have those devilish eyes and the touch of an angel.
You don't know her, she's simply herself and no one is like her.
Soon I will talk about the stories of the lost keys. Very soon...